A Theater? In Your Home??



What’s playing in your home theater?


I have the Pioneer VSX1021-k AVR and it is perfect.
Have it set-up for 7.1 with Pioneer FS51-front’s, BS21-front wide,C21-center, BS41’s-surround’s, Martin Logan 8" sub. TV is LG 55LW6500,
55" 3-D HDTV. Roku XD/S from woot of course.


Harrypotter - Harrypotter.

Harrypotter - Harrypotter.



Had the Pioneer VSX-1021K for a few months, but sold it in favor of an NAD T747 AVR. Doesn’t have quite the full-on internet capability and iPod integration, but the sound is smoother and it’s a nicer unit.


Considering the NAD is a $1000+ receiver, and the Pioneer is only $250, I would certainly hope the NAD sounds better :slight_smile:

Actually I’m digging all the internet/iPhone integration and how you can configure the Pioneer from your iPad and it uploads the config to the receiver, very nice to see a manufacturer who “gets it” in this day and age!


Anyone know anything about the HK 7550 unit?


sorry, could you say that again? I couldn’t make it out clearly over the choir of angels. nice work - and thanks for the specificity.


Figures Woot comes along with this package of items three days after I purchased a Yamaha 7.1 receiver, blu-ray player and surround speakers on amazon.


I would have been all over that Harmon Kardon 7.1 refurb too. Well at least the Yamaha RX-V573 I purchased has a network connection.


So clueless… sorry! Do the speakers listed work with the Pioneer VSX1022-K AVR?




Thank you!!!


Don’t sweat it. The Yammy is better built. I just got this receiver from BB and it had a dead HDMI board - so I sent it back like a soup with a hair in it. Got the Yammy A710 (on clearance) and it is much better - plus the control app for android works really well, and the on-screen interface is much better.

You made out OK!


So, is the soundbar worth buying? I could use one; my vizio’s internal speakers are nothing to write home about, and I don’t really have room for a 5.1 setup.


Can anyone help me with this? I just purchased a house with in-Wall speakers in each room. There are 10 speakers in total, all connected to one source. I want to selectively control output to certain speakers (create zones). Can this receiver do that? Currently I am using Pioneer VSX-516, it can reduce the output volume to selective speakers but doesn’t completely cut it off.

For example: I want to cut off o/p to all speaker and just enable the deck speakers. I can’t do it with my current receiver. (unless I unhook the other 8 speakers from the back :stuck_out_tongue: )


Use something like this with your speaker outputs:
Monoprice 4-channel selector with volume control

Also, you could also save your Pioneer for a HT set-up, and go with a cheaper, dedicated stereo amp, such as this for your ambient system:
Lepai Tripath Amplifier

The selector above can deal with only 4 speaker pairs, though. If you’d like to select between 6 pairs (though loosing the individual pair volume control) you could use this:
Monoprice 6-channel selector



I bought one, I have been looking for one since I live in a small condo. The reviews for it on Amazon are mostly positive (oddly the biggest complaint seems to be about a sticker that is attached to the speaker grill which appears to have been fixed in later production of the model) and the retail price new for it is around $300.

Seems like a good shot to give it a whirl.


I don’t have this exact model but an older model of the BA soundbar/sub (Tvee model two). The sound is much better from the bar/sub than from my Samsung TV. For what it is worth BA is selling refurbs of the tvee 25 on their site for $200 so this looks like a pretty good deal here. Don’t expect full surround or a theater-like experience from this type of speaker setup, but for the price I would say it is a good investment. It is a hell of a lot cheaper than a surround setup.


I’ve owned 2 Harmon Kardons. I still use an AVR-635. They’re well built, commercial quality, and HEAVY. Definitely the Cadillac of the AVRs listed here.


TV: Sony KDL-46EX500
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