A Tired Trademark

Yep. Simple truths suit the shirts

Does anyone remember what derby this was from? Assuming it was as an EC.

Feelings :slight_smile:

I’m just too tired to comment today zzzzzz

I guess we will see the names of the other 6 vertically challenged persons from snowwhite, this week

Love this! The problem is I’m not sure that I want people in my life to know how well it fits me. Take work for example… :slight_smile:

I don’t get it, who is buying this? It’s a shirt with a word on it. This has to be one of the most uncreative things I have ever seen. In the next Avengers movie Robert Downey Jr is just going to wear a t shirt that says iron man on it. There are some nice shirts here sometimes but this I do not get at all.

It’s more print than this Woot shirt:

FWIW, this was originally voted for this in the derby, where Wooters get to vote every week for what they like.

Still love the greenspace shirt. Would love to see a remix on another color.