A Toast To Luigi Bormioli

No red wine glasses? Meh.

When it comes to things like glasses, dishes, etc. that people want a whole “set” of, it would be really helpful if Woot raised the limit from 3 to something like 5.

Using these sets of 4 glasses as an example, 3 maximum quantity * 4 glasses per order = 12 glasses might be okay for some as a set, but I’d prefer to have 16 or 20 to have one matching set of glasses in my cabinet and nothing else.

Wow, must be nice to have that kind of money laying around. Double wall glasses are so expensive. Other brands can run $15.00-$20.00 per set.

All of our everyday glasses are LB double wall and they are awesome. Highly recommend them.

Just bought the trifle piece. Amazon reviews complained that they are poorly packaged and arrive broken. Woot are you addressing this? This piece is gorgeous and I love that it has a lid, but sure don’t want to receive a box of broken glass. Thanks!

Well, most likely they come packaged from the manufacturer so we really don’t have any information on that. However, as always, if you have a problem with the item’s condition, email support@woot.com for assistance.

I’m wondering how many ounces each glass holds. It’s not in the ‘specs’.

Well, mine arrived from woot today SUBARed. Shattered Up Beyond All Recognition. :frowning:

Ouch, be careful with that box, and be sure to contact support@woot.com right away!

well it arrived today and i opened it as soon as i got home. not shattered but i can’t believe the poor quality! lid doesn’t fit right, there’s a small chip on the bowl edge, the knob on the lid is crooked, tiny bubbles in the glass and the glass is so thin i will be lucky if it doesn’t shatter on the first use. not worth this price and woot should have known this. dissapointed in you woot!! this belongs in the dollar store… it would cost me more in postage and time to return it. lesson learned i guess!

Aww dang. Got my cocktail glasses in the mail yesterday and 1 was broken. The packaging is not adequate for shipping glass so I would be very surprised if I am the only person that had this problem. I attached a picture showing the packaging for reference.

Sorry for the problem with the broken one. Be careful with it. Please email support@woot.com for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

Another broken trifle bowl arrived at my doorstep. The base was broken off from the stem and literally no support or cushion provided for this area in the box. Already emailed support. But this sale seems to be disastrous. Hopefully woot can remedy this.

Sorry for the problem. CS will take care of you. We really see little breakage in our items. It seems like a lot because people tend to post if there’s something wrong more than if things are fine.

CS took care of me! Thanks. Still a happy wooter!