A Token Sacrifice

There’s no monopoly on nostalgia. Thanks for the print woot.

Sigh… When I played Monopoly with my friends, we all wanted to get the terrier dog. If I couldn’t get the dog, the thimble was my second choice. I liked it a lot because it stayed upright and never fell over!

The one consolation for the thimble lovers is that at least you could use a real thimble as a game piece. Thanks for the memories, Acraig! :slight_smile:

I was going to order a shirt for a last minute gift, but the 2-day shipping estimates that it will arrive in 10 days…

I’m not staff, so this is only based on my personal experience, but the estimates are factoring worst-case scenario. As shirts are printed to order, they allot up to 7 days for that, depending on print demand and work schedules.

Most of the time, it has not taken that long. I’ve had shirt orders placed after midnight (when it rolls over) print and ship that afternoon on the same day.

ETA: My last six shirt.woot orders were printed and shipped within one day and delivered via standard shipping within the next 4-6 days.

These are printed to order so there’s time to get them printed.

FWIW, I ordered mine 2-day on Wednesday, and it will be here Monday (in PA).

My world would have been shaken had they 86’ed the top hat. I would have waved my angry fist to the heavens and cursed a vengeful manifesto and meekly returned to the game, likely settling for the dog or thimble.