A Touch Of Grey

The middle picture for the Dunstan Accent Table is a different piece of furniture altogether.

Added note: I see now that it matches the 3rd picture for the Griffin Side Table.

[MOD: Fixed! Thanks.]

Some really nice stuff. Wish I could pick up a few things. Another time perhaps.

A was liking the silver shag rug but it looks like overstock has y’all seriously beaten on the price: http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Cozy-Solid-Silver-Shag-Rug-86-x-12/6318869/product.html?searchidx=6 Unless I am missing something, 290 for the 8’6" x 12’ from them is a better deal than 389.99 from Woot. Which is too bad because I’d really rather buy from woot.

Bah! Screw the “literature”, the Dead knows all about grey, man!

Colin Tufted Club Chair: Overstock has it for $290 minus extra 10% Looks the same to me.

It is a different rug.

Rare Overstock beats Woot prices. We were getting 1 child a nightstand for their guest room with a king size bed limiting the guest room with the rest of the furniture in there which happens to be shades of gray. I’ve spent a drop more here because Woot packs much better than Overstock consistently and delivers faster.