A Trap!

It’s a reference to the first episode of The Office, both the American and British version. I like it :slight_smile:

A Trap! It is one.

Is this worse than jello with carrot shavings?

Is the stapler red? I can’t quite say. If it’s red, it is MINE.

Use the Fork Akbar, use the Fork.

Admiral got served…jello.

Seems perfect for a office themed derby :slight_smile: nice job walmazan!

With all the traps Ackbar encounters, you’d think he’d eventually catch a break.

Congrats on an awesome print, Walmazan!!! Great styling as usual!

Eat it out! There’s people starving in the world, which I hate. So, it’s a waste.

Oh, it’s got your name in tippex? Yeah, don’t eat it now… chemicals.

I get both references, but I don’t see how they mesh…how is a stapler in jello a trap?

It’s a trap for the stapler!

Congrats Wences!

I’m fairly sure that this is one of the worst woot shirts ever. You’ve got two references that barely make sense together, and a terrible cartoon design. If I see anyone wearing this shirt I’m pointing and laughing.

Sadly, I have to agree with this. I really don’t understand how these 2 references work together whatsoever.

I came to check the comments to see if anyone had explained how this shirt makes any sense. Glad to see I wasn’t completely missing something, because it just doesn’t. Even the Woot writers seem to think so, since the shirt writeup is basically “yeah, we don’t get it either”.

And anyway, at this point putting Akbar in your design is a pretty good way to ruin it. But hey, at least it wasn’t another coffee shirt.

That’s an admirable Ackbar.

I did the same exact thing, I get the references but they don’t mesh together organically at all. It just seems to be trying too hard.