A Very Merry Unbirthday

We need more reasons to party.

Now I have to go plug in the coffee maker. Since I don’t drink tea.

Have a Happy Unanniversary.

A tea party that doesn’t stint on the tea…also, one of the Alice quotes that most comes to mind, right up there with “Soup of the evening/ Beautiful Sou-oop/
Beautiful, Beautiful Soup.”

Congrats buddy, your style really deserves that 1st place!!!

I just can’t resist a good Alice shirt!

You should love yourself more.

Where’s the March Hare?

Such a happy shirt!

Someone really liked It’s Tea Time by Medusa Dollmaker.

Great stuff!

I will always say that one of the greatest jokes in any cartoon is from the Disney version of Alice. When the Mad Hatter asks, “Would you like a half a cup of tea?” then proceeds to cut a full teacup in half; the tea remains in the cup. Brilliant.

At first glance it appears the Mad Hatter is taking a wee on the tea.

You can certainly see the similaritea in design, although this one has a different theme to it and better overall flow.

Hey is it a coincidence that the first sucker is sweetalice?

Awesome design- Happy to see this one grab the gold. :smiley: Grats buddy.

Nice Shirts! I think I’ll buy it, put it on and turn on Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. And then, on the other end of the spectrum, I will go and play the game classic “Alice

Congrats! Worthy design. Nice job!

Beautiful design, I’m just not sure if I love the brown shirt. That said, becuase it’s absolutely gorgeous, in for one.

I’m just highly amused that this shirt shows up today…on my birthday. So I’m buying one. A happy birthday to me and a very merry unbirthday to everyone else!

Agreed! Why brown? My favorite designs always end up on brown. My wootdrobe needs more color.