A w00ter makes a movie!

Hey, there are still a few people around that I remember from my several years of hanging out here. Well, for those who remember me, I’ve moved on to making films! I’m currently working on a webseries that has officially launched. It’s about nerds and gaming, so many people here are bound to like it. There are also many w00t shirts to be found and if you watch and stick with the series long enough, Vladimir the Irradiated w00t Monkey even guest stars in an episode!

Please check it out and if you like it, tell your friends and like us on Facebook!




Hey, welcome back!

Now I’ll go watch the movie.

Still don’t know why when I roll those weird dice , I don’t end up in the woods.

Rusty would love that!

Maybe I’ll find out in episode three.

Too bad you don’t live near here.
I’ve got a good place for you to film!


Holy Crap! That’d be an AWESOME location to film at!! But yeah… it’s at least a 10 hour drive :stuck_out_tongue:

It is from when rich people were really rich!

The woods you use look like the woods there.
There is a HUGE building that looks medieval and it was only the stable.


Now it has the bathrooms and they were renting it to a film company. I’m not sure those guys are still there.

Awesome! I’m glad to see Vlad is still getting some work.

Yeah, Vlad is quite the Diva, but he mosdef enjoyed being “handled” by the actress he was working with :wink:

for the two fans of my webseries… The first part of the 2nd Episode is up!

Webisode #5