A Walk In The Woods

It’s nice to see hoodies, again, as the weather in the north is getting cooler.

Sets a nice mood

Very subtle reference. Great design, Travis!

It needs to show him looking at his cell phone.

Beautiful design and timing for the first day of fall tomorrow.

Wow. I’d like to jump into this scene and spend a day exploring.

Awesome designing, tgentry! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I spy, with my little eye, at least seven digitally famous critters.

The small version on WootStalker looked like Groot and Rocket.

Who are they?

Always with the hoodies, never a long-sleeve t-shirt.

Snorlax, bulbasaur, squirtle, pikachu, bellsprout, zubat and it’s either venomoth or butterfree…or vague depictions of all of these…

yes and why:( I like to wear a shirt all day and a hoodie is not comfortable for that

The coloring on the person’s hat seems like such a glaring contrast to the rest of the scene. Otherwise it’s a very nice design.

It’s on purpose, inspired by Ash’s cap.

Beautiful design, Travis. Well done.

Beautiful! Perfect for my daughter, but I can only select “Tee” - no “Hoodie” option. A long sleeve tee would be perfect.

Hi there. The hoodie was offered on the first day of the sale (Daily) only. Sorry.