A Warrior’s Drink

Why prune juice? Well, we do not discuss it with outsiders…

Actually, it probably has something to do with being raised by Russians on 24th century Earth. But I’m just guessing.


From the opening of ST:TNG’s “Yesterday’s Enterprise.”


Edit: Link if anyone’s not familiar with the reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgzbKe6_DN4

Worf went on to order prune juice in many more episodes on TNG and DS9.

I have no idea what this refers to. Movie, video game?

Yep, a warrior’s drink because it makes you run more quickly. Or would go faster make my point more clear?

My thoughts on this shirt are a postive: “wtflol!” Awesome shirt! XD

Coloring works nicely; I guess maybe my paternal grandmother had a little Klingon mixed in with the Irish.

Only puny humans drink root beer.

Ha ha! A Klingon shirt!

The prune juice explains why Worf wasn’t as angry as all the other Klingons.

Yeah, my grandmother doesn’t discuss why she drinks prune juice with outsiders either.

It’s a start trek thing. Guinan introduced Worf to it on TNG.

Alas, the 2370 Bat’leth tournament was held on planet Forcas III, not “Forcus III.”

There is no “Forcus III” listed on current star maps.

Star Trek. Not sure which one, but it’s definitely Klingon, I think. I’m not a big time Trekkie. I prefer Wars over Trek.

Only a P’tahk would not buy this shirt!

I will buy tomorrow. I gotta get up for the right of passage in the morning.

Here, check out Memory Alpha:

Prune juice

Also, the beginning of this episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise” has one of the famous Worf clips from Star Trek, him laughing.

Somebody seriously needs to open a Scottish restaurant on the Klingon home-world; I think the cuisine would go over very well.

Wow! I told my wife I had enough t-shirts, then you have to go and do something like this??? FYI woot designers, I’ll buy almost any sci-fi t-shirt instantly so keep em coming, but this Warf-shirt is a special treat… thank you…

I am conflicted. While I love Star Trek, I hate prune juice.