A Wicked Mess

I’ve always wondered… so she melts and apparently so does her dress and socks, but why not the hat? Why didn’t she make a protective suit out of the hat material?

Oz-Mart, where customers are just dying to shop.

Or, shop till you drop! At Oz-Mart.

Sorry, the marketing side is coming out in me.

I see most of the references, but where is the guild of lollipops?

I take it you have not been to Wal-Mart since they put out the Valentine’s Day stock?

I swear I didn’t drink the puddle but my bladder is busting so I’m off to see the wizzer.

I like the way your mind works, Ryan Smith.

Hate to break it you, but dogs drink out of toilets and all other manner of gross things if not carefully watched.

Yes, all dogs can be gross at times, Toto too.

Cute! I love all the little references that were sneaked in as well. The little yellow lion doll, the oil canisters, and the brooms to name a few. A great tribute piece! :smiley:

I just discovered the hidden theme to this shirt!

It is a visual representation of ‘Where Are They Now’ for Katy Perry in 10 years.

Well this is better than her feet just curling up under a house, But i ask what was spilled on her to melt her lol

Kinda looks like the dogs gonna poop after smelling her ha ha

loving the attention to detail (re: items on the shelves) but…


oh what, I just took a closer look and she’s still melting! you can see her eyes (eyebrows?) and an ear I think

and on third glance, you’d think she’d leave a bigger puddle…

Wrong wicked witch. You really should watch the movie. :wink:

The same kind that doesn’t tire of making a buck off of someone else’s intellectual property I suppose.

This shirt totally synchs up with my Pink Floyd shirt. Spooky.

Who doesn’t make money off of someone else’s intellectual property? :slight_smile: Isn’t that what retail is all about? It’s not like stores sell things to not make a profit, nor do they tend to sell things they make in-house exclusively.

I like the concept, but the green is wrong for me… and I’d like a “Munchkins Isle” - and a little B&W homage … OK, Truth is that I found a better shirt to spend on today:


golly, if this shirt sells out today, I wonder if I will be able to get it later! There are so many woot shirts that I would have liked to have bought after the day they went on sale. sigh.

Need some seagulls covered in the goop to bring out the sympathy vote.

I love all the subtle details!

And I like how toto is lick it the mess!

Very cool, and yes the hidden details are neat although my brain didn’t know when to stop and found the scarecrow’s head on the mop. Which is probably not the intention. :wink: