A Wise Investment?

Woooo, wooo, wooo who! Owls! I thought this would be at the top!

Yay Spiritgreen. Now I have to debate buying them… at least it’s a navy shirt. I like navy.

I see that Pennsylvania is among the first buyers. Must be those Temple University Owls.

I love the expression on the owls’ faces.

You’ve got the “Uh, really?” expression on the left, the classic facepalm expression on the right, and in the center you’ve got the owl doing the “Hey dudes, check it out! Nightvision goggles!”

I’m so happy this made it through! And what an appropriate design to buy in the middle of the night …

it would be impossible for this shirt to be any more like me!

Amazing as usual, Spiritgreen! You know I’m one of your biggest fans, right? :slight_smile:

So it’s late. It took me a minute for the light bulb to switch. Hah! I love the concept. Very ingenious idea.

I think the owl on the right doing the facepalm (er… facewing) must be thinking, “HOO boy.”

Sales Associate: Ahh, yes, these night vision goggles are state of the art, equipped with 50x optical zoom, using that nob there, and tru-color technology, so you can see objects as they are meant to be seen, rather than green, but as an honest salesman, I don’t thin–

Owl: Shut up and take my money!

Wait, a Spiritgreen print is usually followed by the Bass posting the Jiggy Cat gif, isn’t it?

I demand Jiggy Cat!

Is this a tribute to “What’s for Dinner?”


Why this is pointless …

  • Owls. Night vision. Ummm, yeah.
  • Solar powered. For night use. Ummm, yeah.
  • The price, as owls aren’t known for holding high paying jobs.

I’m sure the salesperson was more than happy, however.

I love this so much it’s tempting to buy 2… Ok I bought two…

Well I guess this proves not all owls are wise…

Solar powered? Are you talking about the belt design? I think that’s just how they drew it, and not intended to represent PV cells.

On an unrelated note, do these remind anyone else of furbies the way they’re drawn?

Derby entry comments.

I sit corrected.

I get this, since owls can see very well at night the question is if it was A Wise Investment. Owls are usually stereotyped as Wise, as in the Wise old Owl. I like though the other owls expressions though. I may consider getting this one and the price isn’t bad either.

Now the poor Tootsie Pops can’t even use the cover of night to escape.