A Wise Investment?

Hey, woot writers! ‘owl’ is not a species name. There are DOZENS of species of owls. criminy.

This goes out to all my gadget addicted homies. ;p

Thanks for the support on this design! Wow, I did not expect a print this week.

What a hoot!

Makes a pretty good Halloween shirt, too!

The new Splinter Cell: Give a Hoot! task force.

Speaking about giving a hoot:

tribute? hardly.

its limp and unoriginal for sure though. pissant artist should come up with better concepts. Just about every shirt on woot is a pop culture reference, which is fine, but when they start repeating, thats just sad.


“Should I buy this really cute shirt?” Asks the girl with the overflowing closet. “Yes, I should.”

Considering how far an owl can turn its head, the neck snap take down will be rendered useless.

congrats, spirit!

Congratulations Spirit!

I couldn’t help but notice the redundancy as owls already have extraordinary night vision with out the night vision.

For the next t-shirt, I would like to see a bat with a listening device.


I bought one because it made me laugh.

What a great surprise on my birthday! Owls are the best, and these are super cool. Thanks! =D

… or Bryn Mawr

While I agree that solar power is probably not the best idea for night vision goggles, there are solar powered products designed to be used in the dark. For instance, I have a solar powered keychain flashlight. Its battery charges when exposed to light, then the stored charge allows it to be operated in the dark.

Note: this product does not work if kept in a pocket (or purse) during daylight hours, so, for most people, actually using it as a keychain would defeat the purpose. I generally clip mine to the outside of whatever bag I’m carrying.


It’s the goggles from Jurassic Park! Don’t move, his vision is based on movement…

Thanks very much guys!