A Zin-Like State of Mind

Comments thread from the last time the Hansen Cellars was on sale:

I generally like Rockpile zin, a lot. Having said that, 2007 was 8 years ago. Does anyone have an opinion as to how is this Atelier holding up?

FWIW, I cracked a bottle of 2007 Kenwood Reserve Cabernet with dinner a few weeks ago and it was drinking perfectly for my tastes.

Hansen has been calling my name the last few times…any notes?

when this winemaker shut down its operations they cleared out inventory at 160.00 a case. making 70 for a 4pack of the zin pretty much in line with the clearance. just sayin. not like its a 98 point wine with stamina to be racked for a couple decades. its a drink now wine. so what im saying is, not impressed with the “woot” pricing.

Judging by the deafening sound of crickets, I’m guessing the Atelier zin is well over the hill into raisin land…

No SH in the Zin plus deal? I call shenanigans!

WD, Neil, anyone have notes on Hansen Zin? PM me if need be. Need to stock up on a daily zin drinker. Thanks

After waiting for a few weeks we had a bottle last weekend. No detailed notes but it was still good with lots of chocolate on the nose and palate.

To all fellow Woot customers. I placed a $95 item into my cart only to have Woot change the price to over $500 before I could check out. Has anyone else here had a similar experience? Has anyone else here tried to contact customer service only to be patronized and ignored? If so, please contact me. I am in touch with a mass torte attorney and will try to assist you in resolving matters.

Very truly yours,

Mitch C.
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Wait. . . we’re suing WD? I’m in! Who else wants to lay claim the stash in WD’s office?