A19 800 Lumen 3000k LED 6pk Dimmable

Anyone know why the 450 lumen 40 watt equivalent are less expensive than the 800 lumen 60 watt equivalent?

Lowes has 2 packs of the A19 bulbs for under $4


Walmart has LED’s for $2.97.!
At that price, I replaced every bulb in my house with them.!

For one thing the 800Lumen has a higher light output, so it has either different LEDs or more of them. Secondly the 800 Lumen is dimmable, whilst the 450 is not. This definitely requires a different, more sophisticated (and more expensive) type of LED that doesn’t just do ON/OFF. Here is an interesting article on how dimmable LED’s work:

The lights you’ve listed on the Lowes site are different. They are only listed at 5,000 hours, these are 25,000 hours. It’s 5 times the life.

Yeah, but Lowes will take back a defective bulb and refund your money or replace it. Your company will not honor their own warranty and cannot provide even a semblance of customer service. DON"T buy THESE