AA/AAA/9V Alkaline Batteries - 212 Super Fantastic Pack

So woot.com, the 212 pack is more expensive than just the 200 AA+AAA pack plus the 12 pack of 9v. Math challenged today, or just hoping nobody would notice that the super fantastic pack is actually the super fantastic more expensive than the other option pack?

I was just going to post that but you beat me to it.

Is anyone else having problems with the life of Duracell batteries? I usually buy from Costco but this last pack I bought seems to have a markedly shorter life than previously. I use AAAs in my headphone radio and I seem to change them more often although my use has not increased. Like everything else, it seems that these batteries are now produced to last for a shorter amount of time, which increases the waste I have to deal with.

All fixed up.

Hey all! We dropped the price $5 on this offer; anyone who’s ordered will get a $5 refund soon.

Last I know, the ones sold here are made in China. The ones sold in retail stores, made in USA.

CRAP. Just received my 212 pack, didn’t realize that the 9v batteries only have a 2 YEAR SHELF LIFE. People… read the SMALL PRINT BEFORE BUYING. This is OLD stock. What a waste!!! DISAPPOINTED AT MYSELF.