AA & AAA Alkaline Batteries - 200 Mega Pack

I have nothing but success with these batteries.


IF you subscribe and save it drops them to 11.04 after the 15% discount with free shipping which puts them at roughly .23 a battery. If you buy the 620 mega pack, they still aren’t that cheap. So even IF the duracells batteries last longer, if you dont mind changing things 3-4 times a year instead of 2-3, maxwell is the better price.

The three times I bought the batteries I hated the way they come packaged. They come in a single cardboard box and they start to move and touch ends and then they start to corrode. They also do not seem to last long. It could be I got a bad batch of the Duracell’s.

Sadly it’s not a bad batch. These are Duracells made in China. They are real, but licensed by a factory in China. you can tell by the best by date of 2020. Duracells made in America have a 10 year best buy date, the ones from China are only 5-6 years from manufacture. So unless these are already 5 years old, they are made in China.

More than half of the batteries lasted about half as long as they should have, another 1/4 didn’t work at all. 3/4 of them we’re past the expiration date when I got them. Just more crap from woot! I have stopped buying anything from woot, third time I’ve been burned by this POC company!