AA & AAA Alkaline Batteries - 200 Mega Pack

I bought 100 or so of these Duracell AA batteries last year to power up the 24 battery operated candles that I bought (from woot.) In the spring, March or April I think, I pulled all the battteries when it was time to store the candles for next Christmas. Of the 24 candles from 3 different companies, at least 20 of them had one or more leaking batteries.

I buy COSTCO’s KIRKLAND brand now: as long as I can’t trust that the name brand batts that I buy are indeed “name brand,” I’ll buy KIRKLAND. They work, they cost 25¢ apiece, and not one of them has ever leaked.

I bought batteries year ago also. MANY leaked! Many ruined items. Both with left in and removed depending on device usage. AVOID

I usually buy AA and AAA batteries from Aldi. Cost 25 cents each and seem as good as brand name batteries.

I was going to add these to my cart until I read the reviews. All complained of battery leakage. Not worth the headache to me! Pass.

I just received these batteries. They are shrink wrapped in 2’s and 4’s. They come from a wholesale place our of Bethel, CT. It is named Starstruck. It seems these natteries were laying around and the company bought and repackaged them. They did not come in OEM packaging. I feel woot! should not advertise these as new since they did not come in OEM and cannot be guaranteed to not be used.