AA Alkaline Batteries - 620 Whoa Pack

I simply cannot determine who would need this many batteries.

I asked around and apparently console gamers could blow through this pretty quickly if they aren’t using rechargeable batteries. The wireless controllers eat them.

Other than that, you could wire these in series and use them as a power supply for a computer for an hour.

We actually do. We have three GameTruck trailers with over 200 controllers on board. We eat batteries and recharge packs just don’t work for us unfortunately.

Purchased batteries on a previous Woot, only to find that an ENTIRE package (100) of AAA’s was dead. Of course, we didn’t discover this until several months after we’d purchased them.

Take a couple of minutes to sample some random batteries as soon as you get them!

These remind me of the Chinese knockoffs, Durachell. If the entire lot of 100 batteries was dead from a previous order, I think there is a backstory here we are unaware of and I would stay clear.