Now -that’s- funny.

Back is Cracked
and now I see
what they are seeing on the CT screen

hey hey hey hey

Gimme the pill
Cause my Back is Cracked!!!

I’m not very well versed in today’s culture, so explain this shirt to me, please. All I see is a takeoff of AC/DC, so my age is showing. Or is our aging the whole point?
And is the second post a rap that I should understand?

It is the age thing. The band has been around since 1973 and the main members are in their 60’s now.

One of their songs is “Back in black”.

The second post “CT screen”". Not a chance. There is no CT screen.

American Association of Retired Persons

Thanks, everybody for the explanations. Got the AARP thing now and would probably recall the song and get the parody if I heard the music. These guys in the band are a bit older than I am, but I think I was in junior high school when I first heard their music.

You know I have to order this shirt on AA now!