AA STAMINA PLUS Alkaline Batteries - 108 Pack

Do these batteries have some weight to them, like Duracell or Energizer, or are these lightweight junk, much like the garbage Fuji batteries Woot! has sold a few times? How do these hold up to normal use? The Fuji batteries lasted all of a few days in normal devices, and a couple packs had most of the batteries pretty much DOA. Sadly, I had bought a 60 pack of those. I’d like to avoid that experience again.

Yes, I use Duracell, Kirkland, and these Sony Batteries in kids toys, Xbox remotes, headphones, flashlights, camera flashes and with out putting them on a scale they feel close to the same weight. As far as endurance they all seem to last about the same time. I haven’t done a detailed test but as a parent with batteries coming out of my wallet I would recommend these Kirkland or Duracell for daily use depending on the price per battery. Usually Kirkland (Costco) and Woot Sony batteries are really close.

If you have some high performance, high drain device that you needed that longer lasting power and prefer rechargeable which I do for high drain devices I would go for the eneloop batteries which smokes all these batteries in endurance and unfortunately $price$ also.