AAA 102-Piece Roadside Kit

Absolutely one of the things that every car should have, and this is a great kit. Tons of stuff that you might not think you need, but may eventually come in handy. Toss it in your trunk and keep it there.

Bought 1 for the car and 1 for the van.
8 gauge cables alone cost this much.
$25 doesn’t seem much when you’re stuck somewhere during a road-trip.

Last week, our van’s battery drained out and the cars around us were rentals and none of them had jumper cables.

I can tell you from experience this is a no-brainer for anyone with a car.

8 Gauge jumper cables for 19 bucks is a decent deal alone. Do we have any information on the clamps? If the clamps are solid, this should be an instant buy for anyone without a good set of jumper cables in their car.

These kits are great to have on hand. You can augment as you like, and it’s in a handy case. I always have one in my vehicle.

per the specifications page:

Booster Cable 10’ 8GA, 300Amp

quickie–$19.99 tonight.
very little out there.
Lifeline was probably the company that allowed AAA to brand it, since Costco looks like they sold the same kit at one point (only 1 positive, not very informative review from 2 years ago):

The only other thing floating out there is ebay for $50

It may have been $35 before with what looks like maybe the same product, but the links don’t go to the 102 piece kit


Are the jumper cables of good quality? I bought some cheap ones long time ago, and when I tried to use them they didn’t worked at all (while other more sturdy ones that I had in other car worked perfectly).

You get what you pay for. I like deals as much as the next guy, but using ultra cheap jumper cables is probably pound foolish.

Difficult to say about the jumper cables without holding them in your hand. No returns with Woot. You’re getting a set of jumper cables, a little flashlight, and a tow rope for $20. The rest is fluff that you have sitting around the house anyway. But how many people are going to collect all that stuff, put it in a bag, and put it in the car? Not many. Too busy on the smartphone or watching reality TV. And cheap jumper cables do work, they just add a little more excitement to the process of dealing with a dead battery. You want excitement, the time I connected the positive to the negative by mistake - that was excitement. Flames and battery acid everywhere. So I say go ahead and buy this little kit, and throw it in the back of the car. Maybe it will save you a load of aggravation sometime.

Cheaper on amazon if you include the shipping from woot. 3.5 stars

Don’t buy cheap jumper cables. Nothing worse than finding out your bargain cables won’t reach, and you need heavier gauge wires to provide enough current. Get 6 or 4 gauge 25 footers. If you do have to use light gauge wires leave the cables connected for several minutes with the working car’s engine running before trying to start the dead car. That will allow the donor’s alternator to partially charge the dead battery.

50 of the 102 pieces are regular band-aids. Advertising fail or outright deception?

Neither. A lot of kits that have a lot of pieces often contain a lot of a particular item. There was an item, the SoniCrafter, listed here late last week, and a lot of the items included with it (I believe it was a 72 piece set or something like that) were sanding discs. It’s just the way it is with these things. For $25, including shipping, with jumper cables, a flashlight, and more than just band-aids, you’re going to complain? The next time Woot offers this, your post will be how you passed on this deal because you didn’t think it was worth the price, figured you’d assemble your own, said “I’ll get around to it,” got stuck on the side of the road somewhere, and then had to tell us the story which starts “I never got around to it,” at which point you’ll buy the next one.

Oh so tempting! ARRG! I already have most of this stuff in my trunk (I’m kind of an amateur prepper), but this is all in a neat little bag! There must be something in it that I neglected…must… pull … trigger…GAH!

Kind of weaselly to call it a 102-piece kit, when 79 of the pieces are individual band-aids.

Still, I’d spend this much on a single set of jumper cables. The tow rope is just a bonus, and the rest is just a random assortment of useful-enough items.

Toss in your own metric (or SAE depending on your car’s standard) socket set, a box cutter/utility knife, a space blanket, a can of fix-a-flat, and boom… you’re significantly more prepared than probably 99% of the other drivers on the road.

In for two.

Why isn’t the length of the tow rope listed? The size of everything else is, right down to the band-aids…and, yea, the length - and sheer strength - of the tow rope is REAL important…

Just like a camera, the best jumper cables are the ones that you have with you.

I have a small car and a set of excellent heavy gauge jumper cables. The problem is that the heavy gauge jumper cables are at home because they would be very inconvenient in the car. My small car has a cheap set of thin jumper cables tucked behind a trunk panel. They work in an emergency. You might have to wait a few minutes for a good charge but they are in the car.

Funny, I have a tow rope but I never thought to put it in the car.

A tarp is a nice addition and will fit almost anywhere.

What really has me interested is the “one-sided bag”. Is this some Mobius Klien bottle type of bag? Is it bigger on the inside or something?

Probably a good deal, for those who don’t want to assemble their own kit.
I like to keep a small tool kit in each vehicle also.
Be prepared.

I’m not sure this will fit in my miata