AAA 102-Piece Roadside Kit

**Item: **AAA 102-Piece Roadside Kit
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
Condition: New

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6/12/2013 - $19.99 - 32 comment(s)

This is an excellent kit and price for all of the stuff in it. Definitely worth investing in some kind of road side kit. Better safe than sorry.

79 Band-aids so it’s not really 102 pieces

Great gift for anyone that just got a car. I know that there are many things in this kit that I do not have. Looks like I may be buying this.

AAA counts each bandaid individually. For $20 it’s not a bad deal for 79 bandaids and a pair of jumper cables.

Exactly my thoughts. They went very heavy on the bandages. If it had a bit more like a LED warning strobe, Hose repair solutions and a fuel siphon I would probably grab it, but it’s more of a first aid kit without any antibiotic ointment. I mean, an Auto safety kit should be enough to handle ONE emergency. If you have enough cuts and punctures to justify using dozens of bandages before the kit can be refilled, then you just better call an ambulance cause a window just shattered and you aren’t highway safe anyway.

I mean, for the price it’s not a bad kit. I LIKE the tow rope, flashlight, and the jumper cables, but don’t think they’d be enough for my car. My battery is nearly 1000 CCA’s, and it’s rated at 300 amps.

Bottom line. If you need to stock up on Band-Aids, and need the bare essentials of an Auto Kit then yes, this kit is worth it’s discount price. If you want to cover 80% of automotive emergencies you’ll probably want to get a more comprehensive kit, or get this one and build upon it. It’s a good value, no doubt. It’s just not proportioned intelligently.

The best auto emergency kit IMHO is your old trusty flip-phone, with a 60% charged battery not in the phone, painters-taped to the glove compartment. 911 will always work, and if you know generally where you are (road, direction and mile marker) you can get assistance. Even if you ALWAYS have your normal cell with you, you never know if it will survive a wreck/similar kinetic event. (stiky pads/phone mounts are NOT kinetically sound) The painters tape means it shouldn’t move, period, unless you’re prying on it.

Boy, AAA must think we are all accident-prone with all those bandages!

Anyone with info on the jumper cables in this set? Would they crap out after a year or are they actually “heavy-duty”?

I have always carried jumper cables, thanks to the advice my brother gave when I first got my license (you can always find someone to give you a jump but not always someone who has cables). But I’ve never worn out cables-- or even used them much.

But to answer your question, I have a different kit but made by AAA and the cables in it are the regular “heavy duty” cables you can find in any store for cheap. Not the large professional ones you see the AAA tow truck guys use.

Bought it last time, good deal now and a good deal then. I think I will drain by battery just to have the pleasure of using the jumper cables…

If it had a collapsible gas can I’d be more interested. I’m more likely to need that than a tow rope.

I am disappointed. No comments on the Stink/Sting relief!