AAA Alkaline Batteries - 100 Pack

My son’s insulin pump controller eats batteries (Omnipod PDM). I make sure to pick this deal up whenever it comes around (AAA size). They come packaged in a brown box, shrink-wrapped in clips of 4.

Been a week since I placed the order for these batteries and they still have not shipped yet. Delivery status shows estimated delivery date of 08/15/16. That’s 2 weeks from the date of purchase.

Item description should have stated that there would be a delay in shipment as I would not have purchased these batteries if I knew they would not be shipped right away.

Now I have to go purchase a bunch of batteries at retail price to fulfill my customer’s order and woot will not let me cancel this order even though it hasn’t shipped yet and its been a full week since the order was placed. This is unacceptable.

I retract part of my previous message. Woot did cancel my order. Thank you.

I still feel that a 2 week delivery time for an item essentially being sold by Amazon is outrageous and doesn’t even come close to delivery times of other major online retailers and wholesalers.

I know this is not the norm for Woot as most of their packages arrive within 3-5 days. I’ve also seen pictures of the warehouse that TT posted so I know that they usually have the items they sell on hand and ready to ship so if this deal was a special being drop shipped from another company, that should have been noted in the item description. Woot should make their customers aware if there is going to be extra long shipping times due to coordinating order with the drop shipper.