kinda lame, colors stink

$15 Link for after today:

On a tshirt? Really?

Clever idea, anyways.

Wow Congrats, I was expecting this to win, but I didn’t realize it would get first.

I wish it covered all the way around. :frowning:

in black/grey white maybe in green, no.

Funny but I wouldn’t wear it.

Too bad it couldnt be in black. ARRRR

In for one, and WOW, how did James Cho not get first? Either way I like this shirt, Congratz RobGlenn!

Haha what an ugly shirt.

clever idea

bought it yo

Great idea, but seriously, picture yourself wearing this in public. No one’s getting close enough to get the wit. There just thinking, “Is that guy wearing a plaid t-shirt?”

wow! first place congrats!

So… why doesn’t it say how many votes? Am I missing it?

Wife likes it

She is in for one

cool but not my style

nice design, but crap color.

How did this win the derby?