Aaron Leather Men's Leather Sling Bag

Aaron Leather Men's Leather Sling Bag

Yeah but how’s the quality? Is it quality?

Cannot speak for this sling bag but Aaron Leather’s reputation for leather quality of their toiletries bags is outstanding. Prices the latter is a good discount.

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I wonder if the quality is quality stitching quality.

The first paragraph, has quality 3 times. I’m being a smarta$$. :innocent:

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Ah, OK. I was trying to be helpful. I looked at their toiletries bags on the Mother ship but did not feel right paying much more for them. These sling bags look a lot nicer than many “murses.”

“Tt has 1 large internal compartmen”

Does @ThunderThighs know about this.


I am sure ThunderThighs is not a marsupial. Pretty certain I would know about it, if my grandma was a roo too. :kangaroo: But think of the possibilities. If we all had pouches, think about how convenient. No need for book bag or laptop sleeve.

I have one of their leather folders and it is great quality - real leather, feels wonderful, smells great, thick and sturdy

I have no hesitation recommending their products

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From the last graphic (in the old abandoned factory/warehouse) it kind of forces an uncomfortable left-handed draw.