Aaron Leather Travel Bags

Aaron Leather Travel Bags

I really need better size specifications and more pictures of the bag before I can buy it.

I went here to get them:

But I still can’t tell which of their products this one is.

Please help.

Thanks you

I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out which color is which, tbh.

I bought the weekender from woot(without the outside pocket) and it is a great weekend bag. Looks better the more it’s used. leather is thick, all seams and zippers holding up well after a dozen trips.

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Thanks for the review!

I know color preference is personal (I am leaning towards the darker Walnut), but what color did you order and does the color change at all over usage and time?

Barrel Shaped Bag: 22 X 11 X 11 in
Weekender: 20 X 9 X 12 in

Here’s the two I used for reference, they seem to be the closest equivalent in style/pocket orientation, so they are probably the same patterns as seen on WOOT!

Barrel, Weekender

I own the Weekender and love it. Actually got it from another place before Woot ever offered it the first time and spent more money than it is offered here for. Great size for exactly what the name implies and fits perfectly in most overhead bins. Not expandable if you are an “overpacker” like my wife, but made of heavy leather (buffalo, I think) and stitching that only gets better with use. I bought what looks like the “brown” offered here (although it wasn’t called brown when I got mine), but if you decide you need to treat it with something like mink oil for scuffs or whatever after a lot of use then that will darken it slightly.

The outside pockets are snug and good for a phone charger, a pill bottle or two, and tickets/passport but not much else. The main zipper goes most of the way down each side for easier opening. My only complaint is that I could wish the zippers were a bit heavier but I’ve not had a problem yet. Any decent luggage or leather place can replace the main zipper if it breaks. I wouldn’t use if for the gym as leather and sweaty clothes seldom mix well, but as a carry-on it is wonderful and definitely does not look cheap. Just my two cents worth.

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I bought the travel duffel bag (cedar). It looks like the barrel bag, but with extra pockets on the ends and center. Here’s the sale I got it in if you want more color references for their bags.

I really like the build quality and the overall look.

Interesting name…

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Dang this is a sweet looking barrel bag, but I find the Walnut color to be the least attractive of the colors this comes in. I’d jump on it if they had the Chestnut or the Caramel color available.

I’m pretty sure they are the same bag (the travel duffel and the barrel) – the pictures both show both zips on the round part by each end, plus a small straight zip on the end. And descriptions mix the words with barrel bag. Just looks like only 1 color this time, hard to tell from photos exactly what shade it is.

The photos are labeled with the model and color.

Thanks, yes, I figured out the model and color tags on the photos – helps a lot! What I meant is that for anything like this, especially leather which has a lot of depth and hues, it’s sometimes hard to tell from a photo what it will really be like when you get it. I think the color “Walnut brown” of the barrel bag, looks OK to me but perhaps a bit on the reddish-brown side. Someone else pointed-out that they didn’t think they liked the color but I haven’t made a judgement one way or the other.

Ah, got it. And colors can vary on leather products.