AAXA P700 LED Pico HD Projector

Woot, this is a disappointment when all major resellers carry this brand new for the same price (many with free shipping).

Do you have a link for that?

Depending upon your tax rate, aaxa also sells refurbished on ebay and it would be the same price. The p700 is 379.99 with free ground shipping no tax and 30 day returns.the one on woot would cost me 365.39 at 6% taxes. Id rather spend 15 dollars more to get the option for easy returns. I personally would pay more for the ability to return if I did not like it.
This is not really a deal. I dont know who is buying for woot but they seem to be pricing everything at going rate instead of a deal, at 399.99 free shipping and no tax you get a brand new unit with a warranty.The whole part of a deal a day was to provide a great deal on a limited stock item but I feel that Woot has lost that vision and is just peddling goods in hopes their colustomers will not know they are paying online retail prices.