Aaxa Pico Projectors


I bought an Aaxa projector about two years ago. It broke after 2 movies.

Pass everybody.

This is a great deal for the P300! These retail for $380.00 on Amazon and $419.99 on AAXA without the battery which you have to add at least another $25.00. I know this is a refurb but it has a 60 day warranty so not to worried about that. I have been researching this and the P300 is the brightest battery powered PICO projector that is made. I have the AAXA M2 which works great but I think this guy is going to replace it with the higher resolution, 3 times the lumens and battery option.

Here we go again… one week since purchase. Still not shipped.

Looks like it’s shipped but we haven’t gotten the tracking file from our vendor. I’ll ping someone about that…

You can use FedEx’s “Track by Reference” feature to get tracking info using your order number. Your order number is on your order details which you can get via Stuff You Bought. Leave the Account Number blank. Enter your order number in the reference box. Next, select your country and enter your zip code. Click TRACK and voilà, you may have tracking info.

I bought the P3, the REFURBISHED P3, which means an it was returned already and one of their engineers was meant to have fixed it before it got sent to me. And it doesnt work. Now I have to pay shipping BOTH ways to get a replacement for something that has already been through their QA process TWICE. Rubbish. Sickened.