Ab Tilt Abdominal Exerciser with Backrest


Welcome to the Woot-Off item #4 topic page for this product on Friday, October 8th 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Ab Tilt Abdominal Exerciser here.


This one could sit for 12 hours cause wooters are a bunch of fat-asses. :lol:


This is the Woot! frenzy-killer… Geeks don’t like exercise!!!

[size=24:ca72081df2]HOW ABOUT THAT $50 ROBOSAPIEN?!?!?!?![/size:ca72081df2]


This one might take a while


I got one – got a lower back problem from basic that this will help fix. It goes in my new room! Woot!


…where’s the humor in the enlarged view? at least that might be worth my time :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, i see this one staying around, even at only $19


Dang, I’m NEVER going to get to bed tonight! 'Fraid I’ll miss a bag o crap LOL


I think woot is trying to tell us something with this one


No kidding. C’mon ya pussies. Buy one of these so we can get to the next Woot! Sell it on eBay for $100 if you want to stay fat and stuff.


judging by woot, there is some really kick-ass item after this one, but they know it won’t sell out, so they’re playing with us…


I missed the speakers? Darn it, come on ppl buy this so we can see the next item.






how many items will be in the wootoff?
5 maybe?
they trying to clear out old inventory i bets. making room for the superfantabulistic stuff next time.


well the main server is holding up well the boards may need cpr again soon…


Damn and I was hoping to build a complete pc with the woot stuff :cry:


The lights stopped flashing does that mean this is the last item or is it just my computer.


how does one use the 8 payment plan? :smiley:



Uh oh, the woot-off may hit a snag with this item. All wooters have washboard abs already.


This one will be campin’ on the main page for a while. Sorry I missed the little 5.1 system, serves me right for coming home from work.

Listed at 28.50 via Froogle, I’m afraid my massive man-gerth would crush its frame.

“The Ab Tilt uses a gravity based, variable resistance exercise that works the abdominal region by contracting the muscles from the bottom up. The design automatically puts you in an upright position, up off the floor. The natural position provides a full range of motion. You can flex & stretch the ab muscles in one motion. You’ll target your lower abs, upper abs, obliques & lower back. Adjusts to fit your ht. Compact, lightweight folds flat for storage. Padded backrest & seat. China. Flat approx. 50"Lx24"Wx12"H. 250lbs capacity. Gray & blue.”