Ab Tilt Abdominal Exerciser with Backrest


Welcome to the Woot-Off item #7 topic page for this product on Friday, October 8th 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Ab Tilt Abdominal Exerciser here.


Aww man… not the ab thingy again… sigh … Us fat people HATE the ab thingy… :cry:


NOT AGAIN!!! :shock:


Argh Not again enough with the ab roller


Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick… fuck you woot and your goddamn abtilt.

i’m going to bed… peace out homies, best of wooting to ya.


Where is Woot getting this useless equipment?


Thanks for another great Woot-off!! :frowning:


Alright see you guys tomorrow! This is gonna be a long woot I bet.

Underneath the sealab…woot!


“Yes, again. good night.”


Didn’t we sell out of these already once??? :?


Yeah, another chance to not buy the ab-tilt thing. Hooray…
You know, I just can’t lay on the sarcasm thick enough in type, and that is the major disappointment in my life. :cry:


“Yes, again. good night.”

That’s some funny shizzy.

As an aside, I think the Woot guys are seriously worried about overall Geek physical health in this nation. What with snowboards and Ab-Tilts and all. They’re selling Ab-tilts like they are going out of style.

What would have been great is if the Ab-tilt was 9.95 this time around, or something.


If I had wanted this POS, I would have purchased one, the last 3 times it was up for sale.




[quote user=“WidgetKid”]Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick… f*ck you woot and your goddamn abtilt.

i’m going to bed… peace out homies, best of wooting to ya.[/quote]

it says “Yes, again. Goodnight”…does that mean they are done? Or is it just that this will take 4 eva?


Amen. Methinks this is the overnight “killer” Looks like there’s 100 or so there by my estimate, enough to groan at and kill 12 hours. For those of us who need to go work (yes, I know, it’s a 4-letter word in some cases such as mine) in the morning, I guess it’s our cue to hit the hay. Still looks like people are ordering some though. :roll:


“Yes, again. good night.”

LOL that was an awesome caption for this! Also, pretty funny picture too!


woot hates my preposting



You got that right!!

Does this look like a body that excercises? Now, 12 OZ curls, or 22 OZ Power Curls, that’s excercising!



Whoever ordered these pieces of sh1t should be fired.

Snapster, you’d better spill some blood over this crap. I want the head of the genuis who ordered ab tilts and thought they could unload them here.

Now I have to surf pr0n for 12 hours until this crap expires and develop calluses. Thanks a lot, Woot.