Abacus Atomic Men's Stainless Steel Watch

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Abacus Atomic Men’s Stainless Steel Watch
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Fossil Abacus Men’s Atomic Stainless Steel Watch - AU4008

not even stylish

Ugh. Ugly.

is it Abacus or Fossil brand ? not bad price I guess

looks nice. do watches have reviews? if so, somebody post it!

Anyone got list price on this?

Abacus? I dont see any beads!

Atomic? Will it assplode?

The specs say it is auto-DST. Does it know about the new DST rules? Do you have to program in the new rules?

I had a watch that looked like this…back in 1984

i thought my calculator watch from 7th grade was ugly. g’nite all

looks like my grandfathers watch. no thanks.

so ugly…

Anyone have one of these?

They any good?

c’mon people. give it some slack. at least it has a low battery indicator. can’t get that with many things today. I say good deal.

pretty sweet, but beware!! you will prolly have to pay another 5$ just to get it fitted right, unless you like having mangled metal links, or you know a guy

“Auto DST (daylight saving time)”

Great! Oh wait…

not bad for an atomic watch or even Fossil, but ill pass…