Abandon 2004 Sonoma Chardonnay Quartet



Not much information on this wine because it is being launched here at woot. How exciting
This wine is set to retail at around $18 a bottle and Highway 12 another new wine from this winery is set to retail for around $25. (According to winebusiness.com)

The Winery’s Website
From the Wine Maker

Michael Sebastiani is the winemaker who has previously been associated with
Cathedral Ridge Winery
Wine Maker Magazine
Viansa Winery and Marketplace

Money Saved buying 4 Bottles with woot . . . $24.01
Money Saved Per Bottle with woot . . . $6.00
Shipping Saved with woot . . . $12 - $32
Being the first of your friends to try this wine . . . Priceless


A review from their website:

Our NEW Abandon Chardonnay, released by Generations of Sonoma Winery this year, is a culmination of my favorite wine grape, grown in its most ideal region, and blended to reach the dynamic culture of our area. Abandon – synonymous with a spontaneous, impulsive, and even reckless approach – refers to our approach to the Chardonnay style, its edginess, how to culminate its modern flare.

Many of us use these same techniques to discover our goals and ambitions. For us, wine is a hub for healthy living – and with it, we pair good food, good company and a good life. We have a safe and moderate outlook, yet strive with abandon to realize our dreams and get the most out of life; and then give back as best we can to our family, friends and society. The Abandon lifestyle is a responsible way of taking in the pleasures of life, and integrating the delightfully elegant flavors of the food and wine from our Carneros region.

We launched Abandon exclusively for Chardonnay wine, and harvest our grapes entirely from the Carneros region; we grow our grapes in a prime region and extract as much flavor as we can from the natural environment – hence, we dub it “Extreme Chardonnay.” I take our Chardonnay wine as far as I can to harness its innate flavor; I ripen and harvest the grapes as close to the leading edge as possible, I ferment and age the wine in neutral French oak barrels, that are only just lacking in oak flavor, and finish the wine as close to the palatable threshold of acidity as possible.

With our premier release of only 542 cases, we look to participate in venues that help us find the extreme in ourselves – we are lucky to have some of the best running, cycling and athletics in the Bay Area surrounding Carneros. As an initiation to healthy extremes, we host a Spring and Summer cycling series at the most keen location (the Infineon Raceway NASCAR racetrack) – we also are a participant and patron of the grand Marin Century Ride supporting 2,000 cyclists, and we are joining the Carneros Wine Alliance in hosting the Wine Country Napa to Sonoma ½ Marathon – and Abandon has been chosen for the 100 year-old Dipsea Run in Mill Valley. We hope fill our lives with wholesome food and wine, and supplement them with impelling ourselves to our limits.


Well, the winemaker gave us the first wine from woot, that delicious red, so that’s one good thing. And this sounds like the kind of chardonnay that I like: fruity vs. buttery, so I will definitely be buying some. And at less than $15 a bottle, it’s a lot less expensive than your typical Napa/Sonoma chardonnay.

Looks like we won’t be able to get any info from the usual sources before buying, however.


Anybody from Jersey still not receive their wine? I was charged but never got the St. Supery.


From the wine.woot.com FAQ:

How long is shipment going to take?
Unless you’re in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Arizona, or Indiana, you should get your wine within about a week. Those four states require us to jump through certain regulatory hoops that make the delivery time more like 2-4 weeks. But hey, this is wine we’re talking about. It’s still gonna taste good (maybe even better), and at great pain and cost to us, we ensure the wine is in a temperature controlled environment the entire journey. Aside from the annoyance of having to wait, you New Jerseyites, Massachusettsians, Arizonoids and Indianamen will enjoy your wine every bit as much as people in hardier-partying states.


I’m in Morris County (Northern Jersey) and received the Cathedral Ridge Trio 10 days after ordering it. The box was in good shape and I’m planning on opening the first bottle tomorrow. I’ll let you know if it’s bad.


I’m glad to hear Chardonnay is coming back this way. Not bad pricing for Carneros based wine either. I think this one’s worth a shot.


Abandon 2004 Sonoma Chardonnay Quartet
which each cost $47.99
for a subtotal of $143.97
plus shipping + $5.00
for a total of $148.97

Are you kidding? Mere numbers don’t do this deal justice. I’ve been to Sonoma a few times, and Carneros wines are consistently my favorites. I’ll bet on Carneros Chardonnay every time. A case shipped for under $150 is ridiculous. Anything under $200 is shocking.


As I have posted before and will continue to post each and every week until I recieve my ordered and paid for product I live in NEW JERSEY and I have not recieved the very first product that Woot Wine Ordered.
Woot continues to tell me that delivery will take between 2-4 weeks.
Woot continues to tellll me to be patient.
Woot continues NOT to provide any tracking or shipping information.
Woot continues not to apologize nor provide any courtesies for delayed receipt.
I placed my order on MAY 24th, Today is June 19th.
WOOT, WOT WILL you tell me next Monday when I still have not recieved my product which I have no expectation of recieving and the date will be JUNE 26th??
What a crappy way to run a business, well only a few more dyas until I contact the Liquor Control Board, The Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau in my state.
Next Monday June 27th, I call the credit card company and cancel the tranacation and I will be done with Woot!
I ask you have you ever ordered and PAID for a product either of the internet, catalogue, department store and had to wait a month or more…if ever for delivery??


I would order, but I have yet to see my first order placed a week ago. I am in Ohio.


Woohoo, Connecticut is back on the shipping list! Another week another wine.woot for me!


You’d think woot was selling crystal meth and people were without their fix for a few days and are starting to eat their eyeballs. It’s wine folks. It’s so hard to not make the obvious “stop whining” line. I haven’t recieved half of what I’ve ordered, but that doesn’t stop me from ordering more. It’s not like we’re all waiting for a new power supply so we’re not sitting in the stone age. If you folks had some steaks that were going bad because you purchased them to go with that wine, then maybe I could understand a little. Flaming every wine.woot saying your order never showed doesn’t seem very productive, at least from the other posts in the forum, no other wooters really care.

It’s beta, but I guess the people who use gmail don’t understand that either when they complain every time the site is unavailable. Fight like hell to get in, and then feel entitled, that’s the American way.


Thank You for returning IN to the list!!! I have now purchased 4 of the 5 woots and will receive my first shipment today via UPS. I will post again after receiving the wine. I am fine with the longer shipping times to IN. Please don’t let one disgruntled customer ruin it for the rest of us.


I didn’t know it was possible to type without knowing how to read. That’s got to be one of the most misguided attempts at wit I’ve seen on this forum.

Give the guy a break, it has been 4 weeks (3 1/2 for me since I ordered) already, with no updates or status from Woot. It’s not pocket change just to throw away, we’re talking $60 a pop.

I don’t mind waiting, but I would really like either the wine or my money back. It just makes it all the more frustrating picking up some smug factor from a few of these people who got their wine already.


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Abandon 2004 Sonoma Chardonnay Quartet
$47.99+ $5 shipping
condition: Aged, 2004
product(s): 4 Abandon Sonoma 2004 Chardonnay


My problem with this is that while woot has no problem telling you shipping will take forever (and trust me, it does, MA here, I got the CR order, the first one is still MIA), they also have to problem charging you right away, before the item ships, and have yet to provide ANY tracking info. They also have yet to respond to my inquiries with anything but a cut and paste from the FAQ.


To all of you whining that Woot didn’t warn you about long delivery times on the St Supery Cab/Merlot sampler

Read the bottom

“New Jersey (expect longer delivery times)”

It may not have said tedious, but it warned you. If you’ve got a problem, send an e-mail to the support staff, and don’t spam the forums. No one cares that you haven’t gotten your wine yet, and more importantly, no one cares that you think woot’s service is no good because no one agrees with you.

Next time you order some wine from the internet and live in one of the 4 states with longer delivery times, maybe you should look in to the local laws and see why you’ll have a longer delivery time.

A quick visit to the winery’s website even lists why it takes longer. So, it turns out you’re actually getting your wine delivered by a refrigerated truck and you won’t have to worry about heat damage.


Storybook Mountain Mayacamas Range Zinfandel 2003

I received this wine last Friday. The box was fine, the bottles inside cool to the touch and in perfect shape.

We open the first one Saturday night and my dad and I drank the entire bottle on the deck overlooking downtown Seattle, enjoying a couple of cuban cigars with it. The second bottle met its match last night with my boys over for dinner.

This is a great Zin! Extremely smooth, none of the attitute that Zins can develop. I can’t think of what another couple of years will do, but I have two market to drink next year and the last two the year after that.

My first wine WOOT and a great success.

I ordered eight bottles of the Abandon Chardonnay as soon as it came up. THis should be an excellent wine as well.


My first wine.woot (after clearing it with the girl to make sure she likes Chardonnay :slight_smile: Woot, you’ll turn me into a raging alcoholic yet!