Abandon 2004 Sonoma Chardonnay Quartet

had to check my browser to make sure i wasnt on wine.woot.com

this woot is sweet!! but not too sweet.
The batcomputer says this will sell out in 65 minutes. See you in an hour.

Finally time 4 a nap!!

And some of you thought the phone was a woot-off killer…

No wine for me. In a state they can’t deliver to.

i thought thats what wine woot was for???

My State hates me… w00t can’t deliver me alcohol :frowning:


wine make me sleepy… want good woot… must … stay… awake…

OMG! They stole it from www.wine.woot.com!!

Getting liquored up seems about the right idea at this point.

I thought I was on wine.woot.com for a second there…??

who buys wine at 8:21am ??? all a bunch of drunks i tell you… now were is my beer?

Wine Woot???

i’m going to need this when this woot is done!

Keep Wootwine seperate PLEASE!!!

Geez. Now if it were a nice Zin…

morons-- you’ve got a website for this


Wine !!! this early in the morning. what do you think we are alcoholics !>!>!>?

must… stay… on… the… wagon…

Any woot wino’s in the house?