Abbyson Living Furniture

On the leather sectional, do we know what “leather match” means? Vinyl? This sectional looks identical to an Abbyson Living sectional at Costco (for $200 more) described as having “hand matched leather splits” on the sides and back.

Google (define “Leather Match”) turned up quite a few results.

This was the most concise.

where are the sectional couches made ?

i shall ask.
i have an answer: it is china.

I’m really not a fan of chinese furniture. I have tried Overstock for a few things. They primarily sell chinese stuff. Always feels and looks slightly cheaper than Italian or American quality furniture. but they are as good or better than american “cheap” furniture.

The product description for Abbyson Living HS-OT-032-WHT Manhattan Bicast Leather Ottoman w/2 Trays states that it is available in dark brown or off white. There is nowhere to choose between the two. Do you only have white?

They claim it’s Italian fabric. I didn’t see where it was made though. I love the sectional, would buy it for the larger wall space in my living room but once again, not enough off MSRP for a Woot item. If we shop on Woot, we’re looking for a deal and usually get it. I guess we’re heading for NC this summer to purchase new LR furniture. I normally get at least 50% off, certain brands only 30% but cheaper than buying locally and better quality. I wish this was a better deal. Come on Woot, talk those vendors down more, make a little less or get rid of the middle man.

Never buy furniture you can’t see, touch and sit on first…Save your money if you live in the southeast, instead take a trip to High Point South Carolina. I went a few years ago after “market”(furniture trade show) and picked up a super high quality all leather couch(sample), ottoman (sample), lamps and pictures for far less than what I would have paid here in Atlanta. I figured I saved about $1800.00 including my one night hotel room. That place is the Disney World of furniture.

Gee Woot, can you give us less information on the lamps? What wattage bulbs do the lamps take? Are they capable of using CFL bulbs? The descriptions could not be any worse if you tried.

Do you mean High Point, NC? Because my in-laws live around that area and it does seem like it’s furniture heaven around that whole area.

It is High Point, NC.
It’s where the bi-annual furniture shows are held. Lots of good shopping opportunities.

For the record, bi-cast and bonded leathers are to leather what particleboard and MDF are to wood.