Abco Tech Instant Pop-Up Privacy Tent

Abco Tech Instant Pop-Up Privacy Tent

One thing I’ve always had a problem with is that these woot people don’t seem to understand the concept of what specs are. A list of what is included is not what the specs are. In this case the specs would include the dimensions of the item which they usually include in the features even though they are not features. A feature would be things like a zippered top, window and door. However, in the case of this item the dimensions are not included anywhere in the text but are in the photos.


What I don’t get is a $6 shipping fee when, as an Amazon Prime member, the post says shipping is free. So it’s not, right? Annoying.

One of the pictures lists the dimensions but I agree, it’s annoying to dig for the information.

Also worth noting that the #1 instant pop-up privacy tent on Amazon is cheaper.

Hi there. You need to log in using the Login with Amazon button.

Try logging out of woot and logging in again using that button.

yes, but this one has more features, at least compared to the one I saw on amazon. This one you can open top to shower and it has hanging pocket. Just FYI.


If that tent’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’.


The “roadside toilet” use case example seems a little suspect to me.

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So this is for if you want to “get naked in public” but don’t want to do it in public?

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Why would it? I mean sometimes I am on a long southwestern US car ride and I gotta go when I gotta go. Pulling over, hurdling the rail guard, and making sure you are following the “200ft away/7in deep” rule it’s fine, but if you had four walls and a charger port why WOUDLNT you use it?!

Most folk hurtling along the interstate will only catch the barest of glimpses as you deposit that morning’s vending machine egg salad breakfast burrito in a little cat hole you dug. The benefit being the traffic generates a great air current to lift and push the smells of satan’s uncorked sewage line away from you and minimize the risk of passing out due to oxygen deprivation and shame.

I picked this up the last time it was on Woot. I was going to return it but decided for the price even if it doesn’t last long it’s still a deal. I’ll be using it for clients to change in during photo shoots.

While I haven’t yet used it in the field, my concern is the zippers. They’re cheaply made, bind up often, and sometimes zip improperly. Be sure you trim all the loose threads you find too which will help.

There is no floor to this, and the included stakes are really small so useless if you need to lock this down at a campsite for a while.

Folding it back up the first time was a challenge, but once you get the hang of it it’s no big deal. Think those pop-open firetrucks and stuff that kids play in. Takes a few twists in the right directions to collapse it back down.

I’m 6’4" and can just barely stand inside it. It has some vents too which is a nice touch I guess to get some fresh air through.

No, that actually isn’t true…logged in with Amazon button and shipping still appears, at least on mobile.

It shows the shipping for about 30 seconds while it loads your Amazon information. Then the shipping cost is removed. I see you’ve logged in with Prime just a bit ago so it should be working. I tested it on the Woot! app and it worked.

bruh the dude is inches from the highway and facing the highway what’s even the point


It’s facing perpendicular to the highway. My points of success still sxtand.

I get charged all the time for shipping even after I sign in with my Prime credentials. I usually just don’t end up buying because I get indignant as is the case with the Ring that I was trying to buy. One time I did buy and complained and they refunded the shipping cost.

Sorry for the frustration. Make sure you log out of woot and log in using Login with Amazon. Using “Pay with Amazon” at the checkout isn’t the same thing. That doesn’t check for Prime status.

does it though

74% of the time it works all the time.

The important thing to note is that he’s on his phone while apparently using the toilet.