Abco Tech Sleeping Bag - Waterproof & Lightweight

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Abco Tech Sleeping Bag - Waterproof & Lightweight
Price: $22.5
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Condition: New


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3/5/2018 - $22.50

uh… strong pass. Maybe good enough for kids sleep overs or car camping in the desert but that’s it. What’s with the photo shopped arctic tundra shot?

Yeah, I call BS on the “extreme weather” capability. Sewn through seams, no draft tubes, etc. Besides who rolls a real sleeping bag??
Probably a 1.5 season bag, depending on where you live. But if you are sending a kid to summer camp, have at it!

Stuff sacks are the best things since shock-corded aluminum poles!

When a company advertises a temperature rating with no weight or fill details, I assume it’s essentially a thick sheet. Maybe a summer or campfire bag

As a regular camper and backpacker (and 20 year Scoutmaster), I concur with the commentary above. This might be a nice Summer camping bag or good starter bag for overnights in nice weather. I can’t imagine why you would purchase this if you camp in cold weather (no fill information) or plan to carry it further than your trunk (no weight information).

Rated 20 Degrees? Total false advertisement. Is this just one big troll, or are they actually intentionally lying THIS BADLY to sell a product?

I think it is awful peculiar that you were sold out of sleeping bag as soon as you posted? Did anyone actually get to buy one? Please in the future if your going to send me an email with an ad for a 15 degree sleeping bag for less than $20 at least have one for sale thank you Robert Neuman

Robert Neuman… Unless you posted a day late, you appear to have logged in the day after the bag was posted. You were more than 24 hours after all other posters.