Abco Tech Sleeping Bag - Waterproof & Lightweight

Abco Tech Sleeping Bag - Waterproof & Lightweight

I bought this sleeping bag, and it’s really small! Perfect for a kid but won’t work for an adult that needs to stay warm. Could be used as a blanket unzipped though.

Thank you for your comment. I noticed that there is also a listing for the same brand and same dimensions in both red and blue options for just $19.99. Which makes me wonder … whats the difference ? Other than $5 bucks.

I want to get one for my 15 year old - he’s 5’10" and still growing… according to the dimensions stated, these bags would work, but then your comment has me thinking otherwise. And add to that duplicate listings for the same item at different prices … now I’m just all confused.

Anyone else care to chime in here ? I hate to miss out on a good deal but I’ve also been burned before when the description doesn’t match the product. Rock and hard spot … I’m in.

Hey guys, the main difference between the two is that on the other sleeping bag we’re offering, you could zip up two together. This one you cannot.

Ahhh… that makes sense. Thank you!