Abcosport Pop-Up Cabana Beach Tent

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Abcosport Pop-Up Cabana Beach Tent
Price: $29.99
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Bought these for my kids about 5 years ago on woot. Different brand, but similar. Best thing ever for kids… they camp all over the house now. So easy to setup, and putting them away isn’t so bad once you get the trick.

Would anybody know what, if any, protection from the rain will this provide? I am mostly thinking about taking it with me when kayaking for a quick 'change station" from wet clothes to street apparel, to cut on the trips home, but some rain protection would add a nice extra value.

I don’t think much rain protection. We have a different brand of this and there is no rain fly. It is big enough to change in. The inside is the size of a twin bed.

I second the great for kids comment. Pop it up in the back yard, in the living room, wherever. It has also been good for my daughterin hotel rooms,or when we stayed at my Aunts one bedroom condo and she was able to put this up in the dining area and have some privacy.

The mothership is offering it as a subscribe & save item. Must be disposable. Lol. Thinking this would be a great fort for kids! Just became a grandpa last night :slight_smile:

Congrats on the grandbaby! Just add soundproofing and monitor to this tent and all should be set :-))

Don’t forget to subscribe for monthly renewals, along with the diapers and milk formula. LOL!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Which shipping service is handling delivery?

Good question, particularly if you want it to go to the correct address. AMHIK

These are great on the beach! Just face the opening into the breeze and put your cooler in it to weigh it down so it doesn’t blow away.

I recommend upgrading the tent stakes to something sturdier and can go into harder ground and adding a rubber mallet.

fits two “comfortably” per description …righttttt, I say no. Vinyl flaps all windows so should keep rain out (once in), suggest enter/exit from side not rain blowing in. Concerned does not state rip-stop nylon so may not last long. Like ideas posted -1 as great for kids; -2 impromptu changing area. Has me thinking about it.

It’s shipping out of an Amazon warehouse (our inventory). It’s up to them to choose the delivery service. sorry.

Is there any UV protection with this tent?

The Amazon listing shows that it has UV protection. Doesn’t say how much though.

…YES…Because there is nothing better to drive a sturdier tent stake into harder ground with then a ‘‘rubber mallet’’ ! !