And countless double takes ensued.

Unless he can make the Lincoln logs my mom threw away reappear, he’s a fake.

You missed a golden opportunity to use Abrahadabra.

Just weird enough…

Halfway through the first shirtwoot! journal I bought. Works quite nicely so time for the sequel.

President, Vampire Slayer, Magician…what’s the next historical rewrite. Dinosaur rancher?

Four score and seven years ago, there was nothing inside this box. But just watch as I say the magic word and ~presto~ the Union is saved and the slaves are freed. Now for my next trick, I’ll saw Mary Todd in half!

I’m trying to Lincoln these two things together. Magic!

It’s so pretty yet so disintersting! @_@ How strange. :3

I thought interesting!

Nice,very nice but if I buy this will I be ABEle to explain it?

I don’t get the Abrahadabra reference…

I was thinking Aberacadabra

At least they didn’t include the bullet hole wound.

Abrahadabra - Abraha(m) (ka)dabra.
Drop the ‘m’ from ‘Abraham’, use the ‘ha’ as a substitute for the ‘ka’ in ‘kadabra’. FYI, his full name is Abraham Lincoln.

No way!! Really??!!

President was a rewrite? 0_0


Agree. Abe-racadabra would’ve been better. First they missed their chance with RadioCATive and now THIS!? Someone needs to put Sean Adams, the punmaester, in charge of the naming!

Three dove Abe is more awesome than three wolf moon.

Hmm. Hey, woot!, today is the anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination. Inappropriate, perhaps?