Haven’t got one in years! Finally!!!

Got one as well. 2nd time ever since 2007.

Lucky timing for me, but I got one.

77% remaining… clicked “I Want One,” and sent to the Waiting Room while it dropped to Sold Out. Heck, the waiting room is STILL refreshing as I type this.

So… that comment about the servers crashing was sarcastic?

First Sucker!

Yeah. Yanked from cart.
How many years do I have to buy stuff before I can get a bag of crap???

Got one!! Exactly 7 years ago today was my last Bag of Crap.WOW!!!

Finally!! I made it out of the vestibule and was able to get one! I hope mine is extra crappy!


Got one !! It’s been exactly 7 years from my last Bag of Crap.WOW!!

We’re trying to put a TUMS between you and our servers gagging.

That’s my goal. Disappointment. I have unlofty goals.

My first BOC in the ten or so years I’ve been playing on Woot. :slight_smile: it only took missing multiple times today before I finally got lucky!

Last one of these I got was the best one ever. Law of averages will mean the next one probably blows! ;-p

Oh no, in the olden days the response on the first BOC of the day hit the servers so hard they crashed and I remember the site being down and the error message lasting over 1/2 hour.

I like to think that uncle woot! invested all my money wisely and bought some refurb equipment of their own.

You’re welcome.

I’m guessing they share the servers with amazon. They know what happen with BOC, then why do it when amazon prime day is going on. 4 different times I got in right when BOC went live and all times I got the waiting message after 5 minutes and then got sold out. But I don’t care I love the BOC keep up the good work. Has anyone asked if there will be letters?

Hey there! Come join us in the BIG KIDS ROOM TO TALK ABOUT YOUR CRAPS


My second-ever Bandolier of Carrots! Can’t wait to revel in its craptastic goodness!