Abed Yourself

Please add a feature to purchase extra pillow cases (in any size). I have six pillows on my bed and I’d like them all to match!

Agree with the above, and adding:
How about selling just the fitted sheets too?

What brand of pillow is this? Are the pillows any good? Will they go flat right away or last a while? Are they firm? soft?

Six seasons and a movie?

There are no specifics of brand to look up reviews. And no specs…

If you are in the market for luxuriously soft bed sheets, select a sheet that is made out of 1-ply thread with a yarn size between 40 and 100 pounds a yard and that features a thread count between 180 and 420, according to Selectcomfort.com. Thread count refers to the number of warp (vertical) threads and the number of weft (horizontal) threads in 1 square inch of fabric. However, Consumer Reports notes that some manufacturers use “creative math” to boost the thread count, so keep that in mind. Also note that the softness of a sheet depends on the weave every bit as much as it depends on a fine thread count.

Read more: http://www.ehow.com/about_5460797_good-thread-count-bed-sheets.html#ixzz2iWkmviHG

Per the features:

Make over your bedroom with this 2-pack of quilted feather filled pillows and 4 pillowcase set.

Down Pillows:

Treat yourself to the sumptuous feel of of a down pillow
100% cotton quilted cover
2" gussett
Medium support
Standard size 20" x 26"
Set of 2

very little info- size, firmness?

I would like to know about these pillows. Are they down or synthetic. Are they for back,side or stomach sleepers? More info on all the things you offer would be nice.

YUS! I just got a queen and have been in need of a nice fitted sheet set and I’ve been waiting for a non-girly set to pop up on here! In for a red stripped set! thanks w00t peoples!

The pillow description says they’re 100% feather down, medium support, 20"x26". Still could do with some more details or at least a brand, but it lost me at “made in China.”

YES. :slight_smile:

If I Abed myself, I think there should be a pillow fort.

I just tossed out a couple of feather pillows because they were poking me in the face all night.

You need to put a pillow cover on the pillow. It zips on and not only keeps the feathers from poking you but protects the pillow. Then put the pillow case on. Perfect!


YAY! Someone reads the bottom box!

I’m pretty sure woot! has had these sheet sets before. Can anyone comment on how they feel? I’m not exceptionally concerned but having a little reassurance would be nice.

Also wish I could purchase additional pillow cases with the sheet sets. I’ve got 5 pillows on my bed.

Edit: I just pulled the trigger. I need sheets pretty bad so I’ll do it.

Just received my order. Only TWO pillowcases in the bag. Anyone else?

Same here. Support gave me a $7 refund that has already hit my account. I didn’t care for how the cases I received felt, honestly. But the pillows are heavenly!