*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Congrats, this is a really beautiful design :slight_smile:

Awesome design congratz

seems girly.

Grats Mito!!!

This was my favorite. I wish it had won :-/

It DID win… you do realize that anyone who prints gets paid $1k, right?

in for 1, thanks!

Congrats Mito, truly a gorgeous design. :smiley:

It’s nice to see a real designer break up the monotony of the Otaku Twins. Congrats on another print, Mito… I think the color scheme is going to come out looking sweet

It is, but god luck & good speed to all that want it, though…

very cool. in for one 2XL because XL shirts I buy here shrink to L when I dry them

Hey, why didn’t I get a “previously known for”? It was just a turtle, but still. :tongue:

Congratulations Mito! Great colour choice, excellent use of varying line width and an overall beautiful design. Fingers crossed for many a shirt sold.

Congrats, Mito :slight_smile:

oh diggity! that is sweet!

In for 1

Gorgeous. Dunno yet about getting one, though.

woot! woot!
my woot shirt #3

yeah, it does look tight… a bit too feminine for me though… would look better if it was a black outlined flower set on a white shirt though.

I love this design! Really beautiful. I’m so annoyed how broke I am ;.; (Is there a guy out there who wouldn’t want to wear the shirt, but would buy it to support the designer, and make some girl in NY really really happy…?)