Able Planet Clear Harmony Behind-the-Head Stereo Headphones

and we are back…with headphones



Holiday gifts of Brandini Toffee on wine.woot NOW!


More headphones?!

Well, eventually woot has to run out of brands/models of headphones to sell, right?

The theme for today’s woot off…


Nice frequency response, but I prefer my skull candy earbuds.

Will these make me look skinnier?

I bought these last woot-off. Kinda awkward if you wear glasses. The sound is good, and I like the adjustable volume slider.

Now, if woot would only get a good pair of shures.

Will these work with a Mac?

I don’t have one, but I’m still curious.

There you go, all you wicked buds complainers. See what you did?

yea, this is my problem with them. My glasses make it uncomfortable to wear these. so i must choose, listen or see???

I see woot has made it all the way from “very lame” to “mostly lame” in the last hour

Actually it’s just a test to see if we’re still overcooking lameness

I bought these the last time they were offered. They sound good, but they don’t fit, with or without my glasses.