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Able Planet NC500SC Sound Clarity Noise Canceling Headphones [New] - $59.99 + $5 shipping

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? Any good?

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Over-the-ear headphones are vastly superior to ear-buds. If you’ve never used them you will be amazed at what you have not been hearing.

Another new product… the Amazonification continues…

Look, I’m this person today.

3 nights in a row with brand spanking new stuff? Must be saving all the Roomba refurbs for the next wootoff!

Website a rama

And this appears to be the specific product

You save close to $200 here. Good buy. Woot’s on a roll.

cnet review


retrevo links

$150 at Tiger Direct; $78 from Tri-State Camera. Very good reviews from different sites…

List price of $249.99, on sale for $199.99 on Amazon (which seems like a fair comparison now)… Pretty good reviews…

I guess the only negative is that it’s not refurbished. Win some lose some.

These are great for flights! No more crying babies annoying you for 5 and a half hours!

So hereafter, it is going to be all “new” items; and no more refurbish items?


Woot, you are breaking my heart here. Another new item, not refurb, but still as useless to me as dozens of other products I see on all the time. I am beginning to think that this buy out was the worst thing you could have done… =(

I am hoping that Amazon means some products that Woot might not have otherwise been able to offer. Being bought by Amazon is a good thing so long as Amazon keeps their hands off as they did with Zappos.

Anyone know if they’re any good for non-hearing impaired (yet) folks?

Here is cnet!