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Able Planet Sound Clarity Noise Canceling Headphones [New] - $49.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Able Planet NC500SC Sound Clarity Noise Canceling Headphones

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Been looking for a pair of noise canceling headphones, anyone have experience with these??


Yes! A removable cord. I am sick and tired of having to trash headsets and earphones because the cord eventually gets frayed and stops working. When that happens with these, I’ll just pick up a new one from RadioShack for $3 and be good to go again.

better or worse than bose qc15?

Purchased these from woot a couple of months ago. In fact, I purchased 3. Take it from a guy that loves noise cancelling headphones. These work reasonable well, and are well priced.

These sound like they’ll be fantastic for cancelling out the noise of some screaming monkeys…

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Maybe these will cancel out the monkey screams…

Dang, this looks like a sweet deal for noise canceling headphones, which I find are usually far higher in price elsewhere.

It looks like peeps on Amazon give these good ratings. Here is a Cnet review. Here is a ZDNet review.

if these had a little “bleep” sound that told you when to say “yes dear” at the right times, they’d be perfect for gaming husbands.

These things are $199 at Amazon right now. 3.8 out of 5 star review. Tempting.

found a review -

I bought a pair of these last month and I prefer them to my wife’s Bose. The sound is great, the case is slick and they are very comfortable. There also 1/3 of the price.

Just bought a pair of headphones like these and they are great. Would recommend them to anyone.

Honestly, I use a cheap pair of ear buds and wear those big ear protectors you get from the hardware store over them. It looks goofy but it does the job.

Bought these last Wooting. Quality is awesome but the case pretty much qualifies as it’s own carry-on bag.