Able Planet Travelers Choice Headphones

Able Planet Travelers Choice Headphones
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4 out of 5 stars at Amazon.

Time to check out the product page

While it IS a bit concerning that the majority of the reviews on Amazon are of the “the seller provided a sample to review” type, they at least are of a varied range of opinions.

More concerning is that the oldest review is just a little over a month old, just Woot is here selling them at approx 1/3 price…already.

I’ve got a pair of Able Planet sound-canceling headphones, and I was even able to get a “Bose-head” to admit that they sounded fantastic, especially for the price, even rivaling his beloved Bose Quiet Comfort headphones. Able Planet has their origins in producing fantastic quality hearing aids, and they use that expertise in their headphones.

However, my experience with any of their headphones below their “top of the line” pair has not been all that great, the sound was a bit…hollow.

That being said, at the price Woot is selling these right now, I can get 3 for just a little bit more than buying 1 on Amazon would be…so I’ll be getting 3 as cheap headphones for working out.

Are these wireless??

[[MOD: Not wireless]

It says 3.5mm plug under the specs. I think it’s ridiculous when something is wired or needs to be plugged in that the photos are manipulated to remove the wires/cords in an effort to make the item look more aesthetically pleasing. This truly chafes my bag.

I had a pair of noise cancelling gaming Able Planet headphones that I bought from Woot a few years back. They were pretty great until I stepped on them.

How long is the cord? Cord length has been an issue when it comes to headphones. I’d love another wireless pair, but I don’t have that budget atm.

Tip to the designer: Use Photoshop’s Lens Blur filter instead of Gaussian Blur when trying to create a progressive out of focus effect with a gradient selection.

Which AP noise cancelling model are you talking about? Good to know, thank you.]
One of the reviews says it’s long but doesn’t say how long. What’s nice is the cord is removable, so you can buy your own perfect length cord.

I’ve got the Linx Audio ones (who decided plaid was a color?)… Nice, quiet. What’s really weird is that I can hear/understand stewardesses much more clearly with them on than otherwise (lucky me got to sit next to the engine on a transatlantic flight).

Yep. 3.5mm jack on the headphone, so you can use your own cord (or…you could make them Bluetooth using

In this case, they probably just unplugged the cord from the headphones (Able Planet seems to use a 3.5mm jack on all of their headphones).

But because it uses a 3.5mm jack… you could add a BT receiver like and make it so. Not sure about the volume/batteries :confused:

Yeah, but do you ever notice how the cords are almost never in the picture. There are times that it’s not clear whether something is battery powered, corded, wireless or wired from the picture- because they don’t include it in the photo. You’ll see this with anything from headphones, TVs, vacuum cleaners, pretty much anything. Although some items are obvious that they are wired in some way, many others are not. Go ahead and google images of the items I mentioned, and any others and you will see that things that are corded or wired in reality are missing the cords/wires in the photos.

Under features, it states:

“Compatible with InWire Technology including Linx Microphone”

Does that mean this will come with an in-line mic or is it an add-on?

It doesn’t come with an in-line mic. Looks like it’s an add-on.

No but for less than $12 you can get 8 hours from this Portable Bluetooth Audio Receiveradapter and it is way more versatile than the eBay seller…