Able Planet True Fidelity Sound Isolation Earphones with Linx Audio

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Able Planet True Fidelity Sound Isolation Earphones with Linx Audio
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Able Planet True Fidelity Sound Isolation Earphones with Linx Audio - SI300W or SI300B

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I hear this is the product web site

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It’s nice that these (and other brands) provide three size of inner-ear fittings. Earbuds can fall out of big ears and cram too tightly into little ears. Ears come in sizes.

These have been $40 many times in the past, and were only a “oh whatever” deal at that price.

They’re OK earphones, but even at $30, I’d say they’re still “oh whatever.”

Yes. Able Planet earbuds do get really good reviews on Buzzillions. AND this price is pretty insane.

Not sure how these are, but I got the headphone ones Woot! had a couple of weeks ago by Able Planet, and they weren’t too bad at all. (Even funnier - the last time I used them on a flight, the guy sitting next to me in first had the exact same pair.)

Hoooold on a second!

What kind of sound isolation are we talking about???

Is it just a tight fit in the ear that keeps it plugged like the earplug, or does it actually have some sort of active noise canceling going on?

I hate the tight plugs, they make my ears hurt after just 10-15 minutes of use…

Woot’s owner

They’re noise isolating (tight seal) - not noise-canceling.

All of this stuff claims sound isolation, but I never notice any major difference other than sometimes a slightly different sound that you have to actually LOOK for to hear.

What I’m thinking is that the small cheap ones from WallyWorld would do just fine. Besides… how good can an earbug be? Why not just get a real studio headset if you want to get top quality because you literally CAN’T from an earbud.

I just got my MDR V6 headphones. Best bang for the buck…

What’s the deal with the part where the cord meets the plug? I’ve had a pair of Maximos and Blockades from woot that both crapped out in one of the earbud channels because of pinching in that area. I have an iPod Touch and what a mistake it was to put the headphone jack right where your hands are when playing a game. You inevitably end up brushing your hand or wrist onto that area, and after a few weeks of that…bye bye nice headphones.

It’s more a design flaw with the iTouch/iPhone than the headphone manufacturer’s problem for sure…but then again, shouldn’t the manufacturer’s better adapt to products that most likely drive a huge amount of their sales?

I’m done buying nice or even semi-nice earbuds because of this. I thought the Blockades would hold up, but nope. And I’m not rough with them at all…it’s just repetitive contact that causes one of the channels to short out due to poor device design/flimsy cord.

While these earbuds reproduce sound up to 19KHz, most folks can’t hear tones that high. My hearing cuts out before 12KHz. You can test your hearing here

Do these sound good when playing Christmas music?


Do these headphones have iPod/iPhone integration? (i.e. the button you press to play/pause or double press to skip tracks) It doesn’t look like they do (which is disappoint because otherwise they look great).

Almost every set of earphone I’ve ever had have been the free kind. But I was pretty impressed by their giant ear-can noise cancellers from a few woot-weeks ago, I’m in for a pair.

WAY cheaper than Amazon ahem boy umbrella yankee dot com…