Able Planet True Fidelity Sound Isolation Earphones with Linx Audio

Able was I ere I saw Elba

In the history of mankind, no earphones have been worth $10, never mind $30.

What? They don’t come in assorted colors?

Linx? oh that’s a misspell. It should spell Lint.

Not a fan of ear-buds.

I like the ones that just sit on your ear, not go inside it.

Bought these on a previous Woot and I’m not impressed. They came with three sizes of in-ear rubber pads (what are those called?), and even the smallest is too large for me. This means that it never quite puffs out when in my ear, so the noise isolation backfires totally. Plus, I’ve used them for about a week and already the cord is deteriorating. I could go through the warranty process, but the whole ear size thing makes it not worth it.


It might be time for a hearing test.

I was wondering about that. Thank you for clearing this up.

Wonder what the chances are of woot! actually posting another bag of crap when I’m not at work on a super slow computer? My luck, I’ll finally go to bed and they’ll put it back up.


Bring on the Screaming Monkeys already.

o my god that is the sickest thing i have seen in a long time

OK answer this question for me, why is it that when I add up my woots under my account it equals 118 but my square says 89? Does wootbot need a calculator?

this is not a toaster. where’s my toaster!

I bet these get poor reviews and can’t even melt butter! The price is great if you want them, but they are only marginally useful in the morning and lousy at making breakfast.

Heard they are Mac and PC compatible… that right there makes it worth something… but not $30…

could this be the end…

Woot is singlehandedly boosting our economy through this Wootoff. I,G,(X-M), whatever, this WootOff is nothing but pure, pure C. Hats off to you Woot. And if you’re thinking if you should increase your spending multiplier since you have so much disposable income, simply think “Y”.

$139.99 @ Amazon