ABO Pet Gear

Paging agingdragqueen to this thread… :slight_smile: (Mostly I just want her to post a pic of her dog.)

Anyone have some thoughts on the travel food container?

none of this would remotely work for my Caucasian Ovcharka/Neopolitan mix.
We need more things for real dogs instead of the small labs, shepherds and other small dogs!!

Damn, everything I wanted sold out instantly.

Can we get a pet.woot! site up in here? Offers like these daily would be a great addition to the site.

I’ll second the thing about tiny dogs. No way does “medium” anything fit my Plott Hound Mix. She’s 60 lbs of does-not-fit-in-anything-under-a-large.

I generally think of my 50lb mutt as being a “medium dog”. But she wouldn’t fit into any of these, either.

I second a pet.woot! I’ve been looking to buy a bag like the backpack, with the mesh and comfortable looking harness, for awhile. Sold out already. Why? Because there was only one!

Manufacturers will sometimes sell us an assortment of product that may include very limited stock of a few items. In other cases, we may have a few remaining items from previous sales.

While the quantity is limited, we do still want to pass these deals on to our customers. Plus deals will often have limited quanities so it’s important to watch for them closely.

Are there set days that you guys offer the plus deals?

I third a pet.woot and want more for products for large® dogs! My 110 lb. Rottie princess wants a backpack!